Floor Care Guide

Floor Care Guide To Help You Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Floors!

Congratulations! Your hardwood floor has just been finished with one of the finest finishes available. This finish provides a protective layer for your floor. However, the key to maintaining its natural beauty is through these maintenance tips we offer.

Everyday Maintenance

Never wax or oil your hardwood floors. Once you do wax or use soap such as Murphy's Oil Soap, your floor cannot be refinished.
Drink and food spills should be cleaned up in a timely manner using a damp cloth.
To clean your wood floor, use 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water mixed together. Wring out sponge mop well.
This solution will clean without leaving any residue behind.
Vacuum your floors regularly. A soft brush attachment works best. Follow these tips to keep your floor looking great.
Wood floor

Preventative Maintenance

Recoating is the best way to keep your floor looking new. As long as you never wax or polish your floor, we can re-coat your floor; for a fraction of the cost of re-sanding to bare wood. As soon as your floor begins to show wear, it should be recoated again.
To prevent your floor from being scratched by furniture, we suggest using felt-bottomed glides on the legs of all your furniture. You can purchase them from us.
Do not use household dusting sprays, because they can leave a residue behind that may interfere with adhesion of a new coat of finish in the future.
Wearing high heel shoes on your hardwood floor is not a good idea. Heels without their protective caps can exert 8,000 lb. per square inch of pressure and can leave pockmarks
on your hardwood floor.
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